Natural Protein Powder

Protein Powder - Information You Should Look At

Are you currently looking for a protein powder to be incorporated in your workout routine? Well you are in luck as there's no shortage of such options. Try walking through a local supplement store and you'll be greeted with hundreds of products with different varieties.


But with each type being unique from the other, how will you know which one serve its true purpose? Well, it may be difficult to find which one to choose but, by taking into account some key factors when buying, you can narrow down only the best of best protein supplement products.


Number 1. Calorie content - first of all, you've got to take a quick look at total calorie content. Protein shake sydney powders vary from a hundred calories per scoop for very low-calorie/lean ones all the way to 150 calories per scoop. Preferably, you want to aim for one that's around at the 110 - 120 calories per scoop unless weight gain is your goal. Then, you can be more flexible and select one that has higher count of calorie.


Number 2. Sugar content - after looking at the amount of calories, the next thing you must take into consideration is sugar content. Say for example that the calorie count is low, typically the sugar content will be lower as well. But still, double check on this for you to be sure. Preferably, you want to choose protein powders that contain no more than 2 - 3 grams of sugar per scoop. Basically, the lower the sugar level, the better it is for you.If you want to learn more about protein powders, you can visit


Number 3. Type of protein - it is important as well to be reminded of the type of protein you're planning to consume. Is it a whey concentrate which is a bit low in quality or whey isolate that is deemed to be the best protein powder? Perhaps, you prefer blended powders. While there's no right or wrong answer here, it is smart to know what you are actually getting as this is going to influence how the powder will reach to your body.


Number 4. Fillers/additive - lastly, you've got to take a good look at whether or not there are fillers used in the protein powder for women. In the event that it contains artificial sweetener, additives or any other ingredients, you simply don't want it for your body. And if so, this is a sign that this protein powder isn't the better choice you can incorporate in your program.